Hey all you pathetic bitches out there in Niteflirt land! Let's play a few rounds of my favorite game - raise the rate!

If your dick is hard for the devious games of a mind-fucking & financially humiliating femme fatale, there's no better "Princess" you could play with! I am the real deal, the original raise the rate Princess & the original Hateful Princess!

Nobody does it like I do.

Nobody BREAKS you like I do.

Nobody HATES you like I do.

I'm young & fresh but totally not innocent and I'm totally NOT new to using losers, leaving them broke and making them even more pathetic & horny than they were when they first met me. I TOTALLY understand how things work around here, too, in fact I've become one of the innovators in this fetish, the one the other girls try to be.

So...up for a few rounds of Raise the Rate 101? Here's how it works: You load up your account, then you pick up your phone. We get connected. After a few minutes of talking to Me,basking in my cruelty & contemptuous laughter, you'll be begging me to raise my rate & let you call me back.

You'll see.

And remember...just because I'm smiling, doesn't ever mean I like you.

Just click the button & start your call. Even a dizzy-ass loser like you can manage that, can't you? See, I knew you could!

I've turned this "game" into a fine art. Do NOT be fooled by the imitators!

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Ass Taster Pics $10

ButtSniffer TAX $20

Dumbtard Tax

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It makes me laugh to see all the rip off taglines of "I HATE YOU" now.

Seriously. Even the older chicks are doing it. Get your own ideas, girls. It's not that hard IF you're really what you say you are, like I am. Stop trying to fool the losers, they may be cock-stupid but they're not retards.

Thanks for the entertainment, though.